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The following information is a free service offered by the Jonah Project. We are a non profit organization to help inmates and do not set jail standards.  
Jail policies are established by the Clark County Jail Sheriff's Office.          

Sheriff Office website    937-521-2050

Visit an Inmate
There are no more live visits everything is video conferencing.
Using your computer go to   
Using a Phone / Tablet       Download App on Google Play / App Store   "Securus"   
Once you enter the website or the app you will be able to schedule your visit. There is an option to video conference
remote conferencing
  20 MINUTE $7.99   40 MINUTE $14.99
or onsite                            FREE      (prices from May 2021)
The onsite location is 120 North Fountain Avenue in the lobby there are a limited kiosk available for the video conference.
(If doing an onsite visit make sure you go online or app before coming to the jail to set everything up in advance.)
Note: Video conference is done with inmates together in a pod.
The noise is a factor Securus suggested to use headset or earbuds with microphone to improve the call. 

Money on Inmate's Books (Commissary )
You can deposit money on an inmates account. Just need the inmates name and go to:              or dial      866-345-1884

Notify an Inmate of a Death
We are sorry for your time of grief. The more information provided will help this process. 
Before we notify the inmate we would like some information.
Name of Caller. Phone number of Caller. Relationship to inmate. 
Name of the Deceased,  Relationship to the Inmate,  Cause of Death,  Time of day of death. 
Was this death expected or unexpected?
What type of reaction do you think it will cause the inmate when they hear the news?  
(so we can prepare for a physical situation or to monitor for suicidal thoughts).  
Where did the death happened?  Location Residence, Hospital, Nursing Facility, City, State.
Did the coroner pronounce them dead? If Yes the name of the coroner and County?
Is there a listed obituary? Which paper/ publication? Funeral Information?

Leave the information  937-521-2079  or

Can an Inmate Attend a Funeral 
This is determined by a judge and there is many factors to consider if there is a chance to be release
for a few hours.  You will need to have the attorney or public defender who is representing the inmate
to file a motion to the inmate's Judge about a death in the family. (If there is no one representing the
inmate, visit the judges office with the obituary.) You will want to give them a copy or email them a
link to the obituary. The obituary needs to list the inmates name as a relative and also list the funeral arrangement of when and where. If there is no obituary you want to contact the attorney and possibly
want to have some documentation that shows the death of the person as well as the relationship to the
inmate. Again there are many factors that are considered when the Judge makes a decision. 

Getting Married in Jail
Unfortunately we do not have the authority to perform marriages in the jail. 

Inmate Property Personnel Items
Person picking up property needs to bring their ID to the jail lobby window, ask the Deputy/ CO  
requesting to sign for property, fill out a form, and wait for the inmate to sign the form as well.
All of the property (not individual items)
 will be given to the person picking it up. 

Nursing/ Prescription Medication for Inmates
The jail will not accept prescription meds brought from home. If an inmate is currently on a prescription then the jail
nurse will call in the order for another script to the Pharmacy. If someone is arrested at 3PM on Friday and there
needs to be a prescription filled it will be ready Monday Evening. If this is
an extreme medical
emergency call 937-521-2096 explaining the issue.
The Doctor would need to approve of an emergency situation.
Medicine is passed twice a day in the morning and evening. 

Religious Activities
Activities of our organization is listed in this website. We work with many Churches in the community
and have men and women volunteering to reach out and make an impact on our incarcerated neighbors.
We take request for inmates to be seen for prayer and one on one visits. We have donated bibles and
literature that we passed out. Due to Covid restrictions the amount of
those attending church is 6 at this time. 

Volunteer Opportunities 
Contact us and leave your phone number. Look forward to hearing from you. 


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